Our Products

Every now and then, we will add seasonal or certain novelty items to our product line up. These are rare seen items that are not normally found in stores. See them below!

Check out our new video of the most popular toys, click HERE


Cartoon Figurine Flying Toys

Unlike the last waves of drones, our flying toys do not require complicated 6-axial controls. They have built-in rechargeable batteries, and are equipped with Infrared Sensor on them.  Want them fly higher? Simply put your hand underneath! They are also built of durable, light weight polymer plastics that can handle indoor and outdoor flights. Yet the round edge rotating propellers will stop when collides with an object, making it safe for the kids.

Popular Culture Matte Poster

Our newest line of home-decor items are matte posters with a variety of popular culture icons.


LED Auto-sensing Night Lights


No more fumbling around in the dark and hitting your knee or ankle! These LED night light come on themselves when it gets dark, and shut off when it is day light. They contain LED bulbs, so energy consumption is minimal!

Furry Robotic Animal Toys

These furry friends are powered by batteries. Some of them dance, some of them sing, some of them go wild on a skateboard, others will even follow you around!


Flying Fairy Series

This is a dream coming true for many! Your personal flying fairy in the palm of your hand. Easy to operate flying toy that is fun, safe and captivating! See how they work:

Video 1 (Click)

Video 2 (Click)

Flying fair demo

Kitten Coin Bank and Doggy Coin Bank

Want to cultivate saving habits early on for your kids while they are young? These interactive and fun piggy banks are sure to provide a strong positive reinforcement every time! Click the two videos below to see how they work.

Kitten Coin Bank (Click)

Doggy Coin Bank (Click)

BONUS Video: real cat vs Kitten Coin Bank (Click)

cat1dog 1

Flying UFO

Flying saucers from another planet! These autonomous flying toys come in different varieties – either controlled by infrared, remote control or simply by air pressure. Check these videos below to see how they work:

Flying UFO 1

Flying UFO 2


Remote Controlled Cars & Collectible Car Models

RC models and cast iron collectible car models are a crowd pleasers wherever we go. These products are designed and well suited for teens and young adults.

c2 c3

Puzzle Models – Landmarks Around the World

Our puzzle models are intricate miniature replica of world famous landmarks. They are just like jigsaw puzzles, except they build into free standing models! No scissor or glue is required, just follow the illustrated instruction manuals, and start building your own collection of the world‘s architectural wonders. The processed foam boards are sturdy, yet safe and 100% recyclable. For more photos, click HERE!

Check out demo videos of how they are put together:

3D Paintings

When we first saw these street murals, we stared in awe and amazement. We were stunned by their originality and wanted to bring a piece of it into the living room. Although We could not replicate these masterpiece in all their glory, we found one type of painting that conveys the sensation.

We call them 3D Painting. They use stereographic techniques to print vividly three dimensional images. You can look at them without a pair of iMAX glasses. One of our favourite is four seasons in the park, a painting that shows the image of spring, summer, fall and winter in one frame. The image changes to different seasons as you rotate around the painting. Check out this AMAZING VIDEO that shows you how the picture changes from Fall to Winter, Spring and Summer as you look at it from left to right.

Below we show you the still images of different pictures on one painting as you view the painting from different angles.