Our Products

Fingerling Toys

These will be an instant favorite for kids!

These little cuties have over 30 different responses, including singing, and they do things like blink and burp. They also sense their environment, know if they are held up side down, or side ways!

Fingerlings also have a microphone to sense sound, paired with software that filters out background noise, so they know to react to signals like clapping or the blowing of a kiss.

They have one motion sensor that knows when you are shaking them, or you are petting them and trying to put them to sleep.



Flying Minions

Unlike drones, our flying toys do not require complicated 6-axial controls. It has a simple infrared sensor at the bottom, and automatically flies higher when it detects there is something underneath. They are built using durable, light weight polymer plastics that can handle indoor and outdoor flights. Yet they are soft and bendable, safe for kids age 6 and above to play. Bonus: it has a built-in rechargeable battery that can be connected to your cellphone charger.


Auto-on LED Night Lights

Kids will now have a friendly animal shaped night light guiding them to the washroom. These LED night lights turn on automatically in the dark, and shut off when during the day. Since they are LED bulbs, they consume very little electricity!

Robotic Stuffed Animal Toys

These furry friends are powered by batteries. Some will dance, some will sing, while some will even follow the kids around!


 Kitten Coin Bank and Doggy Coin Bank

Want to teach your kids the habit of saving while keeping them entertained? These mischief piggy banks will keep the little ones keep coming back and laughing. Click the two videos below to see how they work.

Kitten Coin Bank (Click)

Doggy Coin Bank (Click)

BONUS Video: real cat vs Kitten Coin Bank (Click)


Flying UFO

Flying saucers from another planet! These autonomous flying toys come in different varieties – either controlled by infrared, remote control or simply by air pressure. Check these videos below to see how they work:

Flying UFO

 Puzzle Models – Landmarks Around the World

Our puzzle models are intricate miniature replica of world famous landmarks. They are just like jigsaw puzzles, except they build into free standing models! No scissor or glue is required, just follow the illustrated instruction manuals, and start building your own collection of the world‘s architectural wonders. The processed foam boards are sturdy, yet safe and 100% recyclable. For more photos, click HERE!

Check out demo videos of how they are put together: